Modernised bathrooms in Rototuna, Hamilton

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Having already purchased beautiful bathware fixtures, these homeowners searched for a renovation team who could pull it all together.

Having already purchased beautiful bathware fixtures, these homeowners searched for a renovation team who could pull it all together.

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A chance to renovate

Situated in Hamilton’s fastest-growing suburb, this property boasts contemporary living - however, its bathrooms weren’t entirely as up to date. The homeowners realised this setback and decided to invest in revamping the rooms to their modern potential.
Excited to begin, they didn’t wait long before having designs drawn up and selecting a range of high-quality materials for the new installations. With most of the aesthetic details prepared, finding a renovation team who could pull it all together was all that remained.

Finding the right specialist

After exploring their options for construction, the homeowners contacted Refresh Renovations and were put in touch with Steve Roper, their local Renovation Specialist. 
Steve was thrilled to learn about the project and the clients’ specific goal to modernise all three bathrooms. For the task, he knew success would come down to the details, which meant workmanship needed to be both precise and smart; something his team of professionals were highly capable of achieving.
As the homeowners had previously commissioned designs and purchased their bathware fixtures, the project was almost ready for action, and only a few steps were necessary. Steve helped them walk through these remaining requirements, from feasibility through to costing, and soon after the project went underway. 


The construction program was estimated to take a short five weeks to complete. Across this time, Steve and his renovation team handled demolition, new installations, and interior decorating throughout all three areas; the main bathroom, ensuite, and powder room.
Renovation required a range of tradespeople to achieve the full transformation. From builders to electricians, flooring installers, and wallpaper hangers; it was a collective of professionals working diligently together who brought the desired results to life.
One of the most extensive changes made was the installation of the bathtub. For this feature, the design called for minimalist white seratone tiling to be used for the bath cradle and splashback. Paired with the earthy tones of the new flooring and walls, the space became a real haven for relaxation.

Variations and a challenge

During construction, the homeowners made a few variations to the overall project. These changes included upgrading two brand new 3-in-1 extraction fans and further painting and electrical work to be completed inside other areas of the home.
Steve and his renovation team were happy to take on these additions and continued working hard to see the project completed in excellent condition and time.
Alongside the changes, there was a more practical challenge involved throughout the process. As the homeowners were still living at home, they needed two functional toilets for most of the duration. This requirement became a vital part of the construction programme which Steve planned around when strategising the project management.

A contemporary transformation

The outcome delivered exactly what the homeowners had envisioned; three contemporary bathrooms with beautiful fixtures and a high-quality finish. Of the many changes, three key design features certainly stole the show: colour palette, wallpaper, and floor tiling.
For colouring, the design used an earthy range of pale greens, soft greys, whites, and cool-toned medium 
browns. When combined, these colours created a tremendously calming atmosphere and, for this reason, were used throughout each space to create seamless continuity of the serene environment.
However, despite the colour palette consistency, decorative wallpaper and patterned floor tiles made it possible for each room to have a unique touch. From the leafy wallpaper and its exotic feel to the geometric tiling and its European aesthetic; there is a distinctive air to each bathroom.

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This project was completed in
December 2020
Project description
Modernized bathroom and ensuite area for a Rototuna house
New Zealand
Project duration
5 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Working around the clients needs as we needed two functional toilets for most of the renovation period.
Interesting aspects
Toilet (water closet) relocated from the middle of the room to the edge to allow for a more open plan.
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Steve Roper is Renovation Consultant of Roper Investments Ltd , a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Waikato.

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