Revamping two bathrooms a toilet and a laundry in Katikati, Bay of Plenty

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Using modern fixtures and a soothing colour palette, the bathrooms and laundry of this lifestyle property have completely transformed.

Using modern fixtures and a soothing colour palette, the bathrooms and laundry of this lifestyle property have completely transformed for urban living.

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A New Beginning

After living with barely usable bathroom and laundry areas that hadn’t been updated since the house was built, this homeowner decided it was time to upgrade. 
Tired of little storage space and worn-out furnishings, the homeowner looked to renovate the water closet, ensuite, main bathroom, and laundry. They wanted to maximise the usage of the floor areas and place particular focus on ensuring the ensuite was safe and usable for their elderly mother. 
Getting started, the homeowner wasn’t sure how to navigate the renovation process, as they’d had negative experiences in the past with tradespeople being unresponsive or unavailable. But after meeting with local Renovation Specialist Peter Jenkins, they knew they were in good hands. Peter assured them he would take care of everything and bring their renovation ideas to life.

Putting Together a Budget

The homeowner wanted a modern aesthetic and brand new furnishings but was also budget-led. She was planning to stay in her home long-term, so it was important for the bathrooms and laundry to stand the test of time – stylistically and functionally.
With their budget and design preferences in mind, Peter and his renovation team established beautiful designs that would allow for high-quality materials and furnishings. It was everything the homeowner wished for. The total cost came in at $80,000 for the complete main bathroom, ensuite, water closet, and laundry upgrade. 

A Solution to Stay at Home

As all bathrooms were to be renovated, the homeowner initially asked for the project to be completed in stages. This way, her family would be able to stay in the home during the upgrade.
Peter considered this request, putting together a plan and costing for such a process. But the additional cost to change the construction schedule was significant, and the homeowner wasn’t prepared to add it on. 
Instead, Peter looked at alternative options and organised a portable bathroom to be available during construction. This solution fitted within budget and allowed the family to stay at home throughout the laundry and bathroom renovation, allowing them to enjoy watching the process unfold. 
The build process was carried out smoothly and quickly by Peter’s team of professionals. From start to finish, they worked hard to minimise disruption of the family’s routine while ensuring each element of the renovation was completed to the highest standard.

Built to Last

Once dated and lacking storage, the new bathrooms and laundry have entirely transformed into modern spaces that support the pace of urban living. 
The bathrooms feature plentiful cabinetry with sleek white benchtops and charcoal finishings that pair beautifully with the dark tiled flooring. Standout additions include the luxuriously deep bathtub, new shower cubicles, and lighting above the frameless mirrors.
As desired, close attention was paid to ensure the ensuite’s usability was improved for the homeowner’s elderly mother. The solution found its place as a semi-frameless acrylic shower that’s easy to use and clean. 
In keeping with the monochromatic theme, the laundry room has also been decorated with a smooth, black workbench and a feature wall of glossy white tiles. The new sink and ample cupboard space make excellent final improvements that completely enhance the laundry’s functionality.

A Stress-free Experience with Beautiful Results

After their previous experiences, the homeowner was delighted to have their bathrooms and laundry renovated without any complications. Instead, the process was smooth, stress-free, and delivered beautiful results.
Peter took care of the entire process, managing the project’s budget, sourcing suppliers, and coordinating tradespeople. With his expertise, the project went ahead according to plan. As for the results, Peter is proud of the excellent outcomes of each room. The modern designs and improved functionality really do make a great difference. 
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This project was completed in
July 2021
Project description
Renovating two bathrooms a toilet and the laundry room
New Zealand
Project duration
3 weeks
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Peter Jenkins is Renovation Consultant of Reconstruction Enterprises Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Tauranga.

Danielle Renèe is Renovation Consultant of Reconstruction Enterprises Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Tauranga.

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