Townhouse Bathrooms Get a Minimalist Upgrade in Grafton, Auckland

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Townhouse Bathrooms Get a Minimalist Upgrade in Grafton, Auckland

The master bathroom and ensuite in this inner-city townhouse were stuck in the 2000s, but a design-inspired refresh helped them feel more spacious and inviting.

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A Modern Touch to Suit the Surroundings

With the city on its doorstep, this Grafton townhouse is a short stroll from downtown Auckland. But, while the exterior of the property looks the part with its modern deck and multi-storey set-up, there were interior elements that the homeowner felt kept it stuck in the past. In particular the master bathroom and ensuite were tired, dreary and needing a serious uplift.
Homeowner Natalie believed the 20-year-old bathroom had reached the end of its life, but wanted a straight-forward replacement without any reorganisation of the bathroom’s layout. She also wanted to update her home’s ensuite.
With such a project on her hands, Natalie reached out to Refresh Renovation Consultants, John and Maree de Latour. 

New Tiles To Transform

Natalie’s shower was still in reasonable condition so to give it fresh appeal, new tiles embossed with a subtle yet textural diamond print were laid. A glass side panel on the shower bath also helped modernise the room. Square, matte white tiles create continuation between the shower and vanity and, with the same tile laid on the floor, the bathroom now boasts a clean, timeless look. 

A Toilet Update

One of the most dated features of the master bathroom was the concealed toilet cistern. The wall had been extended to wrap around the cistern and provide more vanity space, but this wasn’t easily accessed or especially useful. Fitting a new, more modern toilet and removing the clunky concealed toilet cistern freed up vital bathroom space.
Replacing the toilet required the demolition of the cistern wall, removal of the old toilet, installation of the new one, and tiling to create contemporary surrounds. John and Maree coordinated the builder, plumber, and tiler to be on-site when needed to keep the renovation proceeding smoothly.
The Refresh Process prioritises efficiency but also ensures no corners are cut: the result is a modern toilet that’s unobtrusive and allows the bathroom’s more beautiful elements to shine.

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Interesting Details

Gone is the large rectangular mirror that took up most of the wall space above the bathroom vanity. In its place is a smaller but equally practical mirror, which creates wall space for floating wooden shelves that provide an earthy natural element to the bathroom. With no natural light source, the addition of this circular mirror helps to offer the illusion of space. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, the renovation of both the master bathroom and ensuite was an efficient operation. In just four weeks, Natalie was able to enjoy her renovated bathroom and ensuite – a feat that likely wouldn’t have been possible had she not partnered with John and Maree. 
The final result pleased both parties and the renovation was a huge success. Renovation Consultant Maree said the brief was fulfilled to Natalie’s wishes. “The final result is a timeless modern look. I think we captured exactly what the client wanted really well.”

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This project was completed in
June 2022
Project description
Master bathroom and ensuite renovation
Auckland Central
New Zealand
Project duration
4 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
There weren’t any challenges of note.
Interesting aspects
Embossed tiles, floating shelves and wooden details.
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John de Latour is Renovation Consultant of JMDEL LIMITED, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Auckland Central.

Maree de Latour is Renovation Consultant of JMDEL LIMITED, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Auckland Central.

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