Updating a 1930s villa's bathroom in Wellington, NZ

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Renovation Specialist Steve Wang helped this homeowner to modernise her bathroom's layout.

Renovation Specialist Steve Wang helped this homeowner to modernise her bathroom's layout.

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Ruth, who owns this lovely 1930s property, contacted her local Refresh Renovations team to find out if her bathroom renovation ideas were possible. Her main goal was to separate her shower and bathtub. She also wanted to be able to enjoy a better use of space. 
After meeting with her local Refresh Renovations Specialist Steve Wang, Ruth was guided through Refresh’s end-to-end renovation service. 
“This is an attractive option for people who don’t have the time or skills to manage a project themselves”, explains Ruth. 

Bathroom ideas

Initially, Steve and his team worked with Ruth to develop a feasible design. During this process, they also addressed the age of the building - advising Ruth that it was not up to code. They provided her with a solution and advised her of the costs involved. 

Bathroom renovation cost

They also arranged showroom visits so that Ruth could select her ideal bathroom fittings, tiles and flooring. From there, Steve’s team took care of the project’s council consent applications and provided Ruth with an overall project quote. Happy with the proposal, Ruth gave her approval for the renovation to begin.  

Bathroom renovation

After scheduling in the delivery of all of the project’s supplies and booking in the required tradespeople, Steve’s team managed the project through to completion. This involved overseeing construction, electrical work and plumbing as well as the installation of luxury vinyl flooring, subway tiles and an aluminium double glazed window. 
To help Ruth achieve her goal of separating her bathtub and shower, a new shower box was installed within a new layout - opposite a new alcove bathtub. To complete the modern new design; a new vanity, mirror cabinet, bath spout and mixers were installed.  

New bathroom

“I really enjoyed working with Steve and the team”, says Ruth. “Steve was sensitive to the way we preferred to approach the decision by first establishing a rapport. He then led me through the process. The written documentation was great, the project software was helpful and a good communication channel. The appointments with Rosie Reid (Refresh Renovations Project Manager) to choose the fixtures and fittings were a highlight. The tradesmen were on time and polite.”
Because Steve and his team were so thorough during the project’s design and feasibility stages of the project, they were able to smoothly transition through the various stages of the build without any unwanted surprises. 
“The process went well from the start to finish,” concludes Steve. “The final result is great. Ruth was very happy with it and referred us to her colleagues. Ruth’s choice of colours and tiles are my favourite in this project!”
“I am very happy with the result”, confirms Ruth. “We achieved the objective. Using the space is a daily joy compared to what we had. I had my doubts that a separate shower and bath could fit in the existing space but the designer made it work. My personal favourite feature would be the bath and surrounds. There were a couple of things that needed fixing but that was all taken care of very smoothly. Overall I am happy with the experience and have in mind a future project for 2022.”

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This project was completed in
January 2021
Project description
Updating a 1930s villa's bathroom
New Zealand
Project duration
4 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Old building structure not up to code, due to age
Interesting aspects
A pale Lancelot oak benchtop married the kitchen with the wood tones throughout the home', says Andre. 'But, as with many kitchens, the floor covering became a challenge. It was not cost-effective to repair the old floorboards and it was impossible to find matching new floorboards. A shopping trip with the homeowners soon solved the problem, when they fell upon a contrasting art deco floor tile, which really anchored the style they were going for.' Transformed in three weeks, the originally cramped and dated kitchen is now a breath of fresh air. The updated layout with new flooring, splashbacks, benchtops, storage, cabinet handles and paint have made it a spacious cooking hub that is ready to be the heart of the home for the new owners.
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Steve Wang is Renovation Consultant of Passionmate Renovations Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Wellington.

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