Urban renewal with sustainable improvements in Randwick, NSW

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Urban renewal with sustainable improvements in Randwick, NSW

Throughout this project, creating better functionality and upgrading the home's style was just as important as bringing in eco-friendly solutions.

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Dreaming up the design

Working with Michael Beshara, their local Renovation Specialist, these clients began the project by laying down their primary desires for the outcome. 
At the core, they wanted to make their home more functional, to create space, upgrade the aesthetics, and make eco-friendly additions. Michael worked closely with the clients and his team’s architect to develop a concept that would see it all realised. What they came up with was indeed something special.

Costing and timeline

The design and working drawings detailed an undeniably beautiful urbanised space with oceanic tones. 
Fully mapped out, it was with this comprehensive project scope that Michael was able to develop a quote which was precise, detailed, and had no room for errors.
Altogether, costing met the clients’ budget of $300k. Thrilled with the plan, it wasn’t long before construction went underway. Michael set this process to a timeline of three months.
During construction, Michael and his renovation team did come across the challenging implications of Covid-19. But despite the delays, they still managed to stick to their timeline by carrying out excellent project management and efficient communication between the team, suppliers, and the clients.
“Michael, Stamie, Joe and the team were great to work with and were professional to the end. Their project management was excellent, bringing the renovation in on time and on budget” - the client.

Significant changes: creating space and harmony

Three large changes were made to the property’s structure, these being; laundry relocation, master ensuite revamp, and guest bedroom creation. 
The design planned to relocate the laundry, merging it with the kitchen, to make room for a guest bedroom complete with its very own ensuite. Established as a single-wall utility space, the laundry makes a stunning contemporary addition to the living room. Opting for terrazzo stone benchtops and flat-panel cabinetry was a great decision to make it easy for cleaning while being subtly elegant.
When revamping the ensuites, both were given their own style. One has a notably beachy feel; decorated with sea green mosaic tiling, translucent blue dividing glass, and medium-toned hardwood flooring. The other is rich in neutral tones - but with a modern glimmer; featuring deep gold mosaic tiling for the shower walls and terracotta-coloured flooring. Completing the transformations, the constructed team finished each room with high-quality fixtures.
Along with these major renovations, Michael and his team also gave the rest of the house an upgrade. With fresh wall paint, new carpets in the bedrooms, a luxurious entrance pendant light, and a partial glass balustrade, they smoothly tied the home together, creating a harmonious balance throughout.

The office pod

As the clients were both in the corporate field, they were doing most of their work from home. To provide a comfortable working environment, Michael suggested they install an office pod.
Whilst the supply of this product is limited in Sydney, Michael managed to locate what the clients envisioned for the modern installation. Sleek and refined, the unit offers complete privacy along with all the critical office features in the comfort of their own home. 

An entertainer’s bar

On the second floor, the property has a balcony with views overlooking Botany Bay and the city skyline. As the clients often entertain on this level, where they make the most of the stunning views, they chose to improve the functionality and aesthetic with the addition of a bar.
The construction team had this instalment custom-made. It features teal cabinetry, a hanging wine glass holder, and a copper benchtop with a built-in miniature sink. These colours combine flawlessly and look particularly elegant with the sun setting in the background.

Sustainable outdoor improvements

The clients were very motivated to increase the sustainability of their home. To achieve this goal, the renovation brought in eco-friendly additions to their outdoor area.
Undoubtedly, the self-watering water tank makes the most exciting and innovative feature. This unique addition is compact and attached to tiny pots which are perfect for growing herbs, vegetables, or flowers. Alongside this installation, the construction team also built sustainable composite decking into the outdoor shower to improve function, durability, and enhance the overall aesthetic.
“They worked hard to source some bespoke items and were very good at working creatively to reach solutions that we will enjoy living with for years to come. Highly recommended” - the client.

Beautiful results

The outcome resulted in a tastefully urbanised home featuring oceanic tones and sustainable improvements. 
Customised and completed to the highest quality, the renovation proved to be very successful in meeting the clients’ primary desires. Despite the uncontrollable delays and challenges with outsourcing, Michael and his renovation managed to finish the project on time and budget. 

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This project was completed in
December 2020
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Project description
Urban renewal with sustainable improvements in Randwick, NSW
Project duration
3 months
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Our clients love it and say it feels spacious and comfortable
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