Wayne Gordon - Manawatu Renovation Specialist
Anna Gordon - Manawatu Director, Accounts & Administration Manager
Howard Whiteley and Sharon Gardner
Mar 2016
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Radian Group LtdRadian Group Ltd in Manawatu is an independent Franchisee of Refresh Renovations

A $270,000 extension over seven-months including a new rumpus room, gym, laundry and fish tank to utilise the impeccable views of the local river and landscape.

WORDS Clare Chapman PHOTOGRAPHY Wayne and Anna Gordon


While the extension was fairly straight forward construction-wise, Wayne says ensuring the design was right from the beginning made a huge difference. “Getting the design right, especially with the orientation of the extension, was a major part of the success of this project. The clients also hired a container, which was kept on site throughout, in which to store their furniture while the renovations were underway. It was a lifesaver for them. So many people doing bigger extensions like this say they wish they had done that, so we are recommending it now for the larger renovations.”



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Wayne and Anna Gordon would like the give thanks to their great renovation team; Builders - Ron Calder & Kirk Brough, Brickwork - Andy MacDonald, Cabinetry Designer - Russell Hughes, Architectural Designer - Rob Partington, Plumbing & Drainage - Darren Pettersson, Plastering - Jake Hind, Painting - James Paterson.

*This $270,000 renovation was undertaken over seven months between March and October 2015.