Hashim has held management and consulting positions in Australia and abroad for more than 25 years. He has a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Cleveland, USA. He holds certifications in technical fields and he is a certified Operational Excellence Assessor based on European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). His qualifications have been recognized by the Australian Institute of Engineers. His experience spans multiple disciplines in Engineering, IT Operations, project & change management, and customer service. When it comes to home renovations, Hashim applies the same professional standards. 

Quality, functionality and transparency are key to ensure that the final outcome of your home renovation is spot on. He works with an experienced builder and a crew of reliable tradespeople.

Along with partner Nada, Hashim moved to Australia in 1989. Having invested in 9 residential properties in Sydney and overseas, they have developed the know-how to renovate for comfort, added value, and energy efficiency with an emphasis on quality and aesthetics. Moreover, their team will be supported by family members specializing in Interior Architecture, Construction Management, LEED  (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design), Finance and Accounting.  

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