MJ Poortoossi is no stranger to delivering complex projects. He is a seasoned business professional that has extensive experience within multiple business industries that has given him the necessary knowledge and skills to start and complete a project with confidence. MJ worked, owned and operated as a senior executive within the manufacturing, wholesale, retail and education industries both nationally and within the international arena. MJ has been recognised and also awarded for prestigious national business awards over the course of his career.

He has gained a good depth of understanding across design, project management and building services. He has also led and been involved in several building projects. His negotiation and financial management skills with key suppliers and stakeholders have always given him the skills necessary to manage various kinds of projects with all their unique complexities.

His wide industry leadership acknowledgements and success represent his focus on building a good team, delivering quality customer service, providing financial management and, ultimately, getting a job perfectly done. Understanding the stresses that can come with renovating, he ensures that his team of qualified individuals as well as his skills, experience and people management, make the renovation process go smoothly.

He believes that the power of brand in today’s market definitely puts your business ahead of the competition if it is supported and combined with the knowledgeable team members who are the driving force behind every success story. Refresh has definitely provided a place for these individuals to deliver these success stories. At the same time, group buying and engagement with the key suppliers has provided a unique style of business cooperation, which it provides cost savings and as a result these savings can be passed on to our clients. Refresh Renovations has also provided great marketing and informative websites to allow our customers to be more informed about the market trends and also the building regulations.  

MJ is married and has two sons. He acquired his Master’s degree whilst working full-time and when not working, MJ conducts Karate classes and enjoys spending his time outdoors, fishing and travelling.

MJ has been involved in martial arts, namely Karate for over 46 years. Throughout this extensive period of training and commitment to such a discipline, he has been able to learn a great number of things from some of the best-known instructors in the world. Along with this, he has also been a part of the New Zealand national team and has won a number of medals both nationally and internationally. MJ has also coached the sport of Karate over many different nations.

The outcome of his extensive training, disciplines, business ventures, education and general life experiences have all enabled MJ to deliver a service in such a competitive market to produce a win-win situation for all. His focus is on quality craftsmanship and taking the stress away from the homeowners. Through the proven Refresh renovation approach, he manages to streamline the renovation process and takes the hassle out of undertaking even significant rebuilds. Every renovation involves a host of different tradespeople and material suppliers, and MJ is renowned for his relationship building and negotiating skills.


2020 Best Of Houzz Service Award

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