An open-plan kitchen in Favona, Auckland

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A concealed laundry lent space to the open-plan kitchen.

A concealed laundry lent space to the open-plan kitchen.

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The Initial Consultation

As the sparkling waters of the Manukau Harbour lap among the mangroves nearby, it’s easy to understand why Wendy, the homeowner, has lived in her suburban home for decades. 
Wendy had previously completed renovating the large majority of her home. Only the kitchen and laundry remained untouched. These existing rooms were cramped and outdated, so she set her vision on modernising and opening up the spaces.
Looking for expert assistance with this final renovation, Wendy reached out to Dominic Holland, her local Renovation Specialist. With Dominic, Wendy was able to explore her ideas and determine feasible solutions. 

Creating the New Design

Initially, Wendy had only planned for a kitchen replacement. However, after looking through design options with Dominic, she decided the best kitchen plan would also involve renovating the laundry and dining room. 
The final design planned to combine the previously separated kitchen and laundry and establish open-plan living. Once revamped with modern fixtures throughout, the areas would transform into a brand new contemporary living area with improved functionality.
Before undertaking construction, Wendy was introduced to Troy Enderby, her project manager. Troy carefully planned each building stage to reduce any construction issues, and from there, the renovation commenced! 

The Contemporary Kitchen

Initially cramped and outdated, the kitchen has completely transformed with this open-plan renovation. Natural light streams through the new windows and echoes warmth throughout the contemporary space. 
Cool-blue splashback tiles stand out beautifully against the crisp white walls and cabinetries. Natural coloured flooring throughout the kitchen and dining room perfectly completes the new interior. It’s a noticeably soothing combination of colours that subtly imitate the calming nature of the ocean - a real breath of fresh air.
But within this spacious environment, where is the laundry? It’s integrated into the contemporary kitchen, tucked away behind a cupboard! With the appliances stacked on top of one another, this practical yet stylish solution leaves the open-plan flow uninterrupted. 

Final Thoughts

This mid-century home underwent a lavish renovation in 148 days by incorporating the laundry into the kitchen design. With a concealed laundry lending space for an open-plan kitchen and dining room, the contemporary area will indeed be the heart of the home for decades to come.
The kitchen renovation was finalised at $65,000, but to Wendy, the results are priceless - something that she says has changed her life. 

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This project was completed in
June 2021
Project description
An open-plan kitchen and concealed laundry
West Auckland
New Zealand
Project duration
148 days
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Interesting aspects
Barn door, underfloor heating, kitchen extension
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