From cosy to contemporary, an interior revival in New Lynn

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Contemporary designs, modern appliances, and a consistent colour palette breathed new life into the kitchen, laundry, and bathroom of this b

Contemporary designs, modern appliances, and a consistent colour palette breathed new life into the kitchen, laundry, and bathroom of this beautiful New Lynn property.

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The Initial Consultation 

Susie is the owner of this cosy home bordering Titirangi and New Lynn. Eager to explore ideas for remodelling her kitchen and laundry, she contacted her local Renovation Specialist, Dominic Hollands. At the time, Susie was also considering the challenge of adding a new bathroom downstairs for her family. There were multiple aspects to this project, so she wanted a dependable renovation service to manage her build from start to finish. 
Her primary goals were to maximise the available space and establish a stylish yet homely feel. Dominic consulted with Susie, and together they developed an innovative plan tailored to fulfil these ambitions. The concept included a light-toned colour palette, modern fixtures, and plentiful storage.

Cost and Timeline

The project was set to a strict budget but with no time constraints. Paying careful attention to the budget, Dominic and his network of construction professionals presented Susie with a range of options that allowed her to control the overall spend. Much to Susie’s delight, the entire project came bang on budget, totalling $80,000.
The complete timeline for the project came to six weeks - a hugely decreased time for a full kitchen, bathroom, and laundry remodel. Dominic achieved this schedule through active management and the support of Refresh's renovation process, specifically designed to reduce complexities, risks, and construction time.

Undertaking Construction

 With years of industry experience and a world-renowned renovation model, our Renovation Specialists know how to overcome any challenge, big or small. While this project came with some speed bumps, Dominic developed feasible solutions that allowed project completion within a reasonable timeframe.
Gaining council consent for the addition of the downstairs bathroom wasn’t simple. But Dominic achieved all the necessary council permission required despite the challenge. With him managing all council consent details, Susie could continue her day-to-day life without the overwhelming paperwork.
Throughout construction, Dominic provided Susie with regular updates, ensuring she felt informed throughout the build process. Beyond creating a stress-free experience, this frequent communication also instils excitement, with each update signalling a step closer to the transformed space.

A Family-Focused Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where memories are made and shared, where families and friends gather to cook and socialise. Susie wanted to upgrade her tired kitchen to create an area that appeared spacious and modern while still keeping the homely feel of her household.
Refresh Renovations installed a superb new grey benchtop and a matching splashback paired with stainless steel fixtures, transforming the kitchen into a modern space for all to enjoy. Plenty of wooden shelving was incorporated for functional storage and continued with the kitchen’s timber motif. 

A Blissful Bathroom

Susie wanted to add a downstairs bathroom for her family members to use on their frequent stays in her home. She envisioned a contemporary space with lots of storage and a polished finish - an addition that Dominic and his renovation team excitedly brought to life. 
The new downstairs bathroom features a mirror spanning wall to wall. Pairing this feature with a light colour palette has created the illusion of a larger room. Utilising the available space, Susie opted to instal a shower-over-bath, allowing the luxury of a long soak in the tub without compromising the bathroom’s open feel. 

A Lavish Laundry

Construction included carrying the same colour palette, cabinetry, and benchtop used in the kitchen into the laundry, creating beautiful consistency throughout the house. The large white tiling on the back wall contrasts tastefully against the deep grey granite benchtop. 
Complete with improved functionality, the finished laundry includes stainless steel fixtures, new appliances, and plenty of storage space. Now, the laundry is fit for purpose and certainly makes the most of the narrow room.

Here Till the End

Dominic successfully managed all the intricate ins and outs of the entire renovation, while Susie spent her time being the visionary. Without a doubt, this renovation achieved the modern and spacious results she wanted. 
The Refresh team completely revived the laundry to match the pace of urban living, established a beautiful new bathroom, and repositioned the kitchen as the heart of the home with a contemporary design. 

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This project was completed in
May 2021
Project description
Kitchen, laundry, and bathroom renovation.
West Auckland
New Zealand
Project duration
6 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Obtaining council consent for the new bathroom.
Interesting aspects
Crisp Clean and modern
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Dominic Hollands is Renovation Consultant of DJH Renovations Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in West Auckland.

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