Good things come in three for this trio of bathroom upgrades in Maungatapu, Tauranga

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Modernising a Trio of Bathrooms

For this Maungatapu home, a timeless design has transformed three dated and difficult-to-maintain bathrooms into a trio of clean and contemporary spaces.

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Getting Started

When it comes to home and bathroom renovations, you may think that the most noticeable differences come from complete overhauls. But sometimes, by making changes within an existing footprint, the results are even more transformative. That’s exactly the case with this trio of bathrooms.
Maungatapu homeowner Julie was considering freshening up the separate toilet, main, and ensuite bathrooms in her 1970s home. Their designs were outdated, and the tile work and textured walls were difficult to keep clean. She wanted to give all three spaces a modern look with an easy-to-maintain finish. 
However, she didn’t have the time to manage the project and wasn’t sure where to start, so reached out to local Tauranga Renovation Consultant, Sharon Giblett.   

Designing for the Budget

For Julie, this renovation had been a long time coming, so it was easy to convey her vision to Sharon. Julie wanted a cosmetic upgrade, as she was happy with the layout of the bathrooms. Sharon took that on board and arranged for working drawings to be created according to Julie’s budget. 
Independently, Julie designed and commissioned custom vanities to be completed by her workplace. This saved on costs and allowed her to reallocate a portion of her budget elsewhere. Professional recommendations to upgrade her home’s switchboard and reline some walls could then be included as part of the project. With those details confirmed, it was time for construction to begin.  

A Smooth Construction Phase

Sharon coordinated multiple tradespeople to get started on Julie’s bathrooms. Although the footprint was to stay the same, everything still needed to be stripped out and reinstated. Plumbing updates accommodated the new tapware, and electrical work was needed to install downlights, light switches, and a new extractor fan.  
The relining that Julie opted for in the conceptual phase removed the dated textures in the main bathroom and separate toilet, leaving behind a smooth finish that will be easier to keep clean. Before the tiling or relining could take place, the crew removed an internal window in the main bathroom, which enabled an entire wall to become a design feature, clad in mini subway tiles.
To wrap up the construction phase, the crew installed an overlay to accommodate new vinyl plank flooring. The vinyl is patterned to look like tiles but the lack of grout makes it far easier to maintain. Despite working around a COVID outbreak, Sharon kept the project on track and finished within seven weeks. 

Three Timeless Bathrooms

Though the three spaces are separate, the subway tile is one consistent element that brings them all together. The trio of custom vanities has a similar impact. The narrow, horizontal wood strips vary in colour and bring warmth to the otherwise crisp, clean design. And, although the vanities are beautiful, the highlight of the main bathroom is the freestanding tub framed by the feature wall.
The ensuite and main bathroom were treated to the new vinyl floors, but the separate toilet has retained the original flooring, a wide-planked striated timber. Both toilets are back-to-wall and rimless, a style that is as contemporary as it is easy to clean. Chrome fixtures and soft rounded lines throughout the bathrooms add to the modern and elegant finish. 

Finals Thoughts

Removing the internal window over the bathtub proved to be a win-win situation. Since it had opened into the garage, Julie’s husband gained some much needed wall storage space. And Julie got her modern feature wall. The couple were full of praise for Sharon:
“From start to finish the project ran smoothly. Given Omicron landed bang in the middle of our project Sharon’s professionalism, attention to detail, and problem-solving ability saw the project completed on time despite the difficult circumstances. We cannot speak highly enough of Sharon and her contractors. The quality of the finished product has exceeded our expectations and helped realise our vision for those spaces. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sharon if you’re considering a similar project.”
Sharon is just as thrilled with the results. Her favourite parts are the tiled feature wall and unique timber vanities but overall, she says the design ended up “elegant, fresh, and modern.”

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May 2022
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Modernising a Trio of Bathrooms
New Zealand
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7 weeks
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