Modernising a Narrow Bathroom in West End, Palmerston North

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While modern upgrades create a fresh look, removing the old shower-over-bath made all the difference in this bathroom renovation, creating space.

While modern upgrades create a fresh look, removing the old shower-over-bath made all the difference in this bathroom renovation, creating space for more valuable features.

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Getting Started

The old bathroom in this 1950’s bungalow was not working for Vince, the homeowner. It was dark, cramped, and not practical to use – but it was also the only bathroom in the house. 
Vince had a good idea of what needed changing and organised for a new design to be drawn up. However, he wasn’t entirely sure of how to execute the plan. Renovations can get complicated quickly, so he sought professional assistance to ensure his project would be completed within budget, on time, and to a high-quality standard.
With his bathroom designs ready to go, Vince reached out to local Renovation Consultant Wayne Gordon to determine what was required and how much it would cost. 

Cost Evaluations

Wayne introduced Vince to Michael Zhang, his experienced Project Manager, who took care of the renovation from here on out. 
After assessing each detail of the provided design, Michael had the plans carefully evaluated and found the project needed a budget of $30,451. Taking this number into consideration, Vince decided to make a few changes to the material finishings, upgrading with high-end alternatives. Michael then re-evaluated the project cost to include the new additions, which came in only slightly higher at $31,527. 
Vince was happy to continue with this price, especially knowing that he’d have Michael coordinating and overseeing the entire build phase.

Undertaking Construction

During construction, Michael was on-site managing the day to day deliveries and specialist work, all the while Vince carried on with his everyday life. There was a slight delay with supply delivery, but even so, Michael and his renovation team finished the project in a swift six weeks. 
Removing the shower-over-bath was the most significant change in the bathroom’s design. This dated fixture had taken up too much space in the small 6m2 bathroom, and its removal made way for a new shower and laundry unit. 
But despite the attention required for the bath’s removal, Michael did not overlook the smaller installations, like the power outlets and heated towel rack. Michael closely monitored every element of the project to ensure everything was executed to an excellent standard. 
Materials used in this bathroom renovation were sourced from Mitre10, Clearshield, and Flooring Xtra.

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A Clean, Minimalist Bathroom

The renovated bathroom looks entirely different from its original build. It no longer appears dark or cramped – and that’s a significant effect of the fresh, white colour scheme.
Crisp white walls, soft grey flooring, and a neutral-coloured floating vanity combine for an airy atmosphere. New lighting further enhances this appearance. Meanwhile, the matte black heated towel rail, tapware, showerhead, and shower frame balance out the otherwise white bathroom, establishing a sophisticated feel.
In place of the old shower-over-bath, a spacious shower and laundry unit make much better use of the space. The laundry unit includes a wall-mounted dryer, a top load washing machine, and a laundry tub/cabinet, providing a perfectly functional laundry nook.
For more storage space, a mirrored medicine cabinet has been installed above the floating vanity – which also has a deep drawer of its own. 

Final Thoughts

Without removing walls or expanding the floor area, this renovated bathroom still feels much more spacious and airy than it had before. 
The entire space has been renewed with brand new fixtures, a crisp white colour scheme, and high-end matte black hardware, all of which combine for a minimalist bathroom design that ultimately ‘expands’ the room. 
Vince is particularly pleased with his decision for a matte black finish across the fittings, though also thrilled with Michael’s project management that saw the bathroom completed with care for the finer details.

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This project was completed in
October 2021
Project description
Bathroom renovation
New Zealand
Project duration
6 weeks
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Matte black hardware.
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Wayne Gordon is Director, Operations Manager & Renovation Consultant of Radian Group Ltd, a franchisee of Renovation Franchise Ltd, doing business in Manawatu.

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