New to Refresh but not to the residential housing industry, Design Build Consultant Rick Maddox is excited to now be offering Phoenix homeowners a high quality, carefully managed home renovation experience. 

Rick holds over 30 years of experience within the residential housing industry - working closely with builders, problem-solving within challenging projects, maintaining national building standards, organizing project schedules, and staying current with the ever-changing world of renovation trends. 

Helping homeowners to realize and achieve their dream home wishlists is what drives Rick as a Design Build Consultant. From every initial meeting, he works closely with his clients to develop a cohesive plan that aligns with their remodeling goals. 

“As a representative of Refresh Renovations, I am very excited to be invited into your home and to spend time understanding where you are currently at in your project as well as where you would like this project to be at the end”, says Rick. “I am very humbled you have selected my company to be your companion on this journey and look forward to getting started on our first step.

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